The Hope Center

The Christian and Missionary Alliance, Building Hope in the City (a non profit in Cleveland), and Gateway West Church came together to start the Hope Center for Refugees and Immigrants in west Cleveland. Thank you to Larry Ropka and Grace CMA Church in Middleburg Heights for the production and use of this video.

The Hope Center for Refugees and Immigrants in West Park is BHITC’s satellite hub for services to refugees and immigrants living in West Park, Lakewood and surrounding areas. The Hope Center opened in February of 2015, and in less than a year, it began seeing 100+ refugees and immigrants on a weekly basis. Just as BHITC hoped and prayed, The Hope Center has become much more than solely a place for operating programs – it also gives refugees and immigrants a place to belong.  Located at 15135 Triskett Road (Gateway West Church), The Hope Center is open Mondays and Wednesdays from 9 am – 7 pm. Programs and services are available through weekly recurring classes, by appointment and also for walk-ins. 

The Hope Center has been a place where members of Refugee Impact Collaborative have the opportunity to build relationships and develop skills in TESOL, navigating assistance programs, and presenting the Gospel in strategic ways. 

For more information concerning the Hope Center and Building Hope in the City, please visit their website below.

Youth Outdoors

The Youth Outdoors program is a strategic partnership for ministry in Cleveland. Youth Outdoors is a partnership between The Ohio State University, Cleveland Metroparks, 4-H and the City of Cleveland. Many refugee kids come from war torn countries and suffer from PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder). For kids who live in the inner city, these outdoor excursions throughout the Cleveland Metroparks System (and other places) offer a therapeutic and exciting experience full of variety and opportunity to learn new skills. During Youth Outdoors outings, focus is put on team work, character building, and relational interaction. This has been an intentional and meaningful opportunity for the Refugee Impact Collaborative to connect and minister to kids from ages 8 to 18 from all over the world. Through our partnership with the Youth Outdoors program we have taken refugee kids on a variety of adventures including hiking, kayaking, tobogganing, rock wall climbing and more! It is a great time to bond with the kids, speak into their lives and build deep relationships. 

Check out the Youth Outdoors and Cleveland Metroparks website by following the link below!  



The Beautiful Game is a language spoken world-wide.  Refugee Impact Collaborative acknowledged the fact that middle school through high school refugee youth were under-served and unengaged, so that led to starting an indoor soccer program with mainly Nepali youth.  The relationships that were built through coaching and parties with these young men have developed throughout the entire Nepali youth community.  It is not uncommon for Refugee Impact Collaborative members to show up at a public park near many of the apartment complexes where this community lives and have the opportunity to play soccer and build relationships with up to eighty youth. 

There are opportunities to get involved with the teams that have formed within this community, act as referee for tournaments, and obviously provide mentoring and a presence of Christ in the lives of all of these young men.


Envision Cleveland: The bridge

Envision, a ministry of the Christian and Missionary Alliance, opened a site in Cleveland in 2014.  Envision Cleveland has sought to be a catalyst for community transformation throughout Cleveland's many neighborhoods.  It has done this through building bridges between communities, churches, and local organizations in hopes that Jesus Christ's love would be on display.  During the years that Envision has been in Cleveland God has opened amazing doors to open a community center, The Bridge, where ESOL classes and other programs can be offered in order to facilitate learning, develop leaders, and impact communities.  The Bridge is located in an area that is a farther distance from other refugee service organizations, so it is located in a prime location for some communities that have a more difficult time getting to and from classes and organizations.

Refugee Impact Collaborative has had the privilege of being involved in this launching effort, and will continue to be a presence in this center as Envision and the Church offer an opportunity for community members to rub shoulders with followers of Christ.

For more information regarding Envision Cleveland, visit their website below: