Position Type

  • Church Planter
  • Bi-Vocational
  • Single or Couple 
  • Inner City 
  • Cross-cultural 




This team-based position for international worker candidates is open to individuals or couples who will make strong contributions by combining their passions with ministry in an inner city context, crossing multiple barriers with refugees from many nations.   


Photo by Wavebreakmedia Ltd/Wavebreak Media / Getty Images


  • It is expected that each person has a calling to be a missionary with the Christian and Missionary Alliance.
  • If not already accredited with the C&MA then must go through accreditation with the Central District of the Alliance. 
  • Have or will complete all Missions and Bible courses required to be an IW by the International Ministries office of the C&MA.
  • One person in each unit will be expected to have a meaningful and impactful presence by getting a strategic job that provides access to refugees and/or equips for future ministry overseas. 

PREFERRED Qualifications

  • A Bachelors degree in Cross-Cultural Studies.
  • A certification in a professional field (TESOL, Fitness, ect)
  • Some experience overseas (internship)   


  • Have a meaningful and Impactful presence in Cleveland, Ohio.
    1.  Get a Part time job that is a good platform for Refugee work in Cleveland and invests in your future for potential creative access work. 
  • Complete the requirements for the Central District as a church planter.
    1. Go through and Complete the LEAD program and/or Ordination.
    2. Go to all the training's the Central District provides including Church Planters Assessment Center, New official workers forum, Church Planters Basic Training, Strengths Development Inventory (SDI)... etc.
  • Connect and build a relationship/partnership with a local church in the greater Cleveland area. 
  • Develop leadership skills by initiating ministry projects. 



  1. Gain cross cultural experience in home country prior to going overseas.
  2. Learn collaborative skills with other organizations, churches and people.
  3. Learn team dynamics by serving on a team.
  4. Learn disciple making and church planting skills.
  5. Learn the significance of adaptation to cultural norms.
  6. Learn language acquisition issues and cultural sensitivity issues.
  7. Learn to navigate the urban environment and the culture of poverty.
  8. Learn to release ministry to others.
  9. Learn the importance of raising up leaders.
  10. Learn the day to day issues of working with immigrants and other cultures. 


Anticipated Outcomes

  1. More fully equipped international workers going overseas.
  2. Peoples of the world coming to Christ and being discipled.
  3. Churches being planted among various ethnic groups here in the United States.
  4. Raising up indigenous leaders committed to returning to their native lands for more effective gospel movement.


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